6Sigma EPCM is situated at the entrance of Sturrock Drydock, Cape Town and surrounding the biggest drydock. (see our location here). In this drydock, we have welcomed gigantic vessels such as the Saipem FDS2. This dock can be divided into two compartments; 132, 5 m and 216, 1 m or 205, 7 m and 142, 9 m in length. 6Sigma has provided our ports authority and our technical mussle when we did the conditional survey on the intermediate caisson gate (see more here).

With the docking schedules filling up fast, please contact us as early as possible for this space in this drydock, in smaller ones nearby, or on Cape Town’s Syncrolift.

Sturrock Graving DockĀ 

  • Overall docking length: 360 m
  • Length of dock floor: 350, 04 m
  • Width at entrance (top): 45, 1 m
  • Width at bottom (dock floor): 38, 4 m
  • Depth over entrance sill: 13, 7 m
  • Depth: 14, 0 m