We have an extensive library of  Class Approved Welding Procedures for various metals and dissimilar metals and various types of welding for all positions. The work measurement process applicable to steelwork will measure the following elements:

  • Blasting of work section as required.
  • Cropping-out of old material from the defined work section.
  • Preparation of the work section and making ready for welding.
  • Fit-up and welding of the work section.
  • Grinding and finishing of the work section.
  • Inspection of the work section.
  • Completion of NDT process typically MPI.
  • Repairs once completed.
  • Coating as per specification.


The units of measurement applicable to steelwork will be as follows:

  • Material purchase including the date of order.
  • Material delivery including the actual order delivery date.
  • Material identification stipulating who identified the material, when & whether or not class approval/verification is required.
  • Material preparation showing the process to be followed including durations for each activity.
  • Welding includes the total length of welding required.
  • Coating is included, reflecting completed m2.
  • Daily progress summaries per work element


The work measurement methodology applicable to steelwork comprises the following steps:

  • The final contract quantities, specifically including durations and costs, and associated details must be understood as the foundation for the work measurement process.
  • Measurement of the physical work on projects will take place twice daily – around 08h00 to determine night shift production and around 18h00 to determine day shift production. Adjustments will be made for work measured but which is then not accepted by QC.
  • A daily visit will be made to the fabrication workshop around 13h00 if necessary. Measurements will be logged on a spreadsheet dedicated to fabrication and properly referenced to the work area and/or grid plan and/or schedule reference. Adjustments will be made for work measured but which is then not accepted by QC.
  • All measurements must be reconciled against project schedule at timenow and Variation Order Register and also reflect the following:
    • Rate of production.
    • Trouble-shooting issues.
    • Resource forecast especially labour.
    • Final QA documents.

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