About Us

Our Background

6Sigma Marine boasts of being the only Ship Repair company in the SADC region with its key personnel being registered international professional naval architects, mechanical engineers, cost and contracts engineers, project managers, SHEQ managers and designers. Educated and registered in the UK, South Africa, Namibia, and other countries, 6Sigma Marine places great value on using software and management tools for running projects. What could be very complicated ship repair projects are made simple by using first-class products to raise an early warning and mitigate risks.

6Sigma was founded in 2012 by our director Jako Laubscher when completing his MSc in Naval Architecture in the UK. The company name “6Sigma” was inspired by the research he conducted during this MSc thesis at the head office of one of the leading shipyards in the world, based in the Netherlands. Working full-time as a Naval Architect / Mechanical Engineer (his bachelor’s degree). The 6Sigma methodology leads to our professional and quality-driven mindset.



6Sigma started as a Naval Architecture firm in 2012 and got off to a good start with the first project on the Ben Rinnes and Ben Avon Jackup Rigs. Towards the end of the 2008 oil and Gas boom, we completed many Oil and Gas focused projects with then-dominant companies in the sector. Following these successful projects, we joined DCD Marine as their exclusive in-house engineering office, with big projects such as the SAIPEM FDS2, and 5-yearly drydocking. With the downturn in the Oil and Gas market and the demise of big companies, 6Sigma entered the market as a fully-fledged ship repair company. Today with facilities next to Sturrock drydock, Cape Town, we offer Drydocking (and/or Quayside), Maintenance, Repair, Refit, and Conversion. We recently partnered with JSE-listed company Murray & Roberts Ltd, famous worldwide for their engineering knowledge, as our capital partners for very large projects capabilities.