Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

6Sigma, registered in 2012, was the Exclusive Naval Architecture and Engineering Design Office for DCD Marine Cape Town. (NEWS1, NEWS2).

DCD Marine was known worldwide as a trusted name for multimillion-dollar contracts in the oil and gas, ship, and rig repair industries but eventually downsized and closed down with the downturn of the market from 2012. During this downturn, 6Sigma’s scope broadened and made it possible to benefit from the opportunities to become a fully fledged ship repair and conversion yard. 

We value our skills as engineers very highly and use state of the art software, providing world class interaction with classification societies and clients. We have extensive experience in all aspects of design as described below from heavy steel to general ship structures.


Concept Design

Basic and Class Design

  • Class communications
  • Arrangements
  • General Structure Drawings
  • Prelim Stability Assessment
  • Class Structure Software
  • Stability Analysis
  • P&ID
  • FEA Calculations
  • Sea Keeping Analysis
  • Propulsion estimations
  • Bollard Pull estimations
  • Engine Propeller Matching
  • Noise and Vibration analysis
  • Anode diagrams
    see some of our projects here

Detail Design

  • New Steel for CNC cutting
  • Steel Replacement for CNC cutting
  • Ship hull structures
  • Super structures
  • Systems e.g. bilge, fifi, ballast, fuel, cooling etc. to HVAC,
  • Electrical Diagrams 
  • Navigation
  • Deck equipment e.g. cranes, davits, LARS systems
  • Rotating equipment
  • Passive/Semi Active Heave Compensators
  • Rudders, nozzles,etc. for manufacturing
  • Systems and Pipe Routing, Pipe Spools
    see some of our projects here

Shop Floor Drawings

  • Bevel treatment
  • Weldmaps
  • Bending templates
  • Jigs