Ship Conversions could be one of the smartest business decisions when buying a ship as there is always a demand and oversupply opportunities in the different sectors of the marine industry. The opportunities bring about great cost advantages and shortened lead times to enter the market.
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Below are some examples and some of our past projects:

Conversion reference project – Ship conversion from fishing vessel to luxury yacht.

6Sigma has handled concept to detailed design for the conversion of a fishing vessel to a yacht for a client. Reusing the ships hull the owners have saved great costs and in remote locations where shipyard facilities are not in abundance.

Refit reference project – Eirik Raude Gen6 Semi-Sub

The Eirik Raude was assign to the exploration drilling project off the coast of South Africa. A custom made platform was designed by 6Sigma for using the BOP carrier to install fins on the drilling equipment. We also engineered heave compensator for the MUX cable to deal with the high seas of South African waters

More on conversions below:

In the oil and gas industry, large crude carriers are converted to FPSO vessel soon after they are launched. The shipowner buys the ship from a lower-cost country with a good reputation and quality like Korea or China, and then starts the conversion by installing a turret system on the fore-end of the ship. This turret becomes the rotation point of the FPSO which uses different anchoring configurations, and complete processing factories are installed on the deck of these massive vessel referred to as top-sides.


These vessels are bought with a big two-stroke heavy fuel engine but are never used. The expensive engines spend their days in these ships with no use.

The FPSO operator will sign into a contract as a fixed offshore platform while extracting the oil from oil wells, process, store and eventually offload to other crude carriers coming alongside.

With the same oversupply of offshore supply vessels, some owners have approached 6Sigma to add stern rollers to supply vessels and make them fit for Anchor handling.

Exploration Yachts:
With the trending issues of global warming, there is for some reason a great market that arose over the last few years for explorations yacht. At the same time, the downturn in the oil and gas industry brought about a major oversupply of offshore supply vessels.


These offshore supply vessels are renowned for their robust structures and are the perfect vessels to be converted to Exploration Yachts. Many of these vessels have been converted.

Lengthening of Vessels:
A common modification to vessels is to lengthen them with a block length (varies 10-20m) when the shipowner needs more deck space, better fuel consumption per payload and or more accommodation on cruise liners. The economical advantages of such conversions are great and the investments are recovered in a very short time.


Click here to see an example of Atalanta.

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