6Sigma provides services as owners representative, transactional advisors and project managers for large projects with the necessary competence, qualification, skill, expertise and ability to perform risk mitigating and management services when the risks are high. We provide expertise in best practice and quality assurance in new ship building with a proven track record to boast with for institutions such at Transnet National Ports Authoirty and Robben Island Museum. We have sound knowledge in the production methodology, best practices and education to match. Our key personnel, and assigned supporting personnel, are professionally registered individuals with relevant degrees and/or diplomas in ship building marine qualifications from UK institutions, and are equipped with relevant industry experience related to ship building. 6Sigma will provide according to the project budget, complexity and requirements:
  • A professional naval architect (whose roles can include lead project manager and contract manager)
  • A professional quantity surveyor (whose role can include lead project manager and contract manager)
  • Construction manager
  • SHEQ manager
  • Supporting project managers
  • Administrative
Installing and commissioning of ship systems such as marine engines, propulsion systems, auxiliary systems; electrical and instrumentation systems, automation systems, navigation and communication systems, alarm and monitoring systems and all other systems related to the Ship. Here is a guide clients can expect: Phase 1 – Pre-Construction Activities And Phase 2 – Construction and Commission Activities

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