Ship Repair: Cargo Rails Replacement & Misc

Aker BioMarine – Antarctic Endurance

Location: Cape Town, South Africa                                                              …next reference Discipline: Turnkey EPC The Antarctic Endurance is a highly sophisticated Krill fishing vessel launched in February 2019. The vessel completed some trials and required some final touches and updates. As the main contractor, 6Sigma assisted the client with obtaining unplanned berthing space for the following scope of work:
  • Erect scaffolding to a height of 12meters and a footprint of 55m x 10m.
  • At the height of 12meter in the cargo space, cut and replace bottom of crane beams for improved strength and reliability. We replaced the bottom flange of 20mm with 50mm thickness, added over 500 intermediate brackets and replaced over 500 original brackets.
  • Rerouting some stainless steel pipping in-situ in impressive all-stainless-steel factory.
  • Some hull repairs of a collision with the quay side.
  • Modification of some deck winch parts.
  • Replacement of superstructure areas prone to cracking caused by hogging and sagging.
  • Sources and supplied the ship with pipes, valves, tools to keep in stock onboard and for the ship crew works on some areas.
The project lasted 6 weeks on 24/7 shifts. The project was exhausting but with a good team and perseverance, we managed to get the vessel back to the south for business as usual. We hope to meet again.

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