Situated at facilities with over 10000m2  of workshop floor space with overhead cranes and state-of-the-art machinery such as:

  • Peddinghaus FPDB2500 – 12000 x 2500 Plate Processor capable of 6mm to 40mm HD Plasma Cutting
  • CNC Drilling and Part Marking
  • Stako HPR260 – 26000 x 6000 cutting area HD Plasma Machine for 3mm to 30mm Plasma and Injet Marking
  • Oxy-Fuel Machine for cutting 40mm to 300mm

Some of the key facilities used in the workshop and office of 6Sigma Marine (Pty) Ltd include:

  • Engineering design office: This office is equipped with computer-aided design (CAD) software and other engineering tools to develop detailed designs and engineering drawings.
  • Project management office: This office is equipped with project management software and other tools to plan, coordinate, and manage project activities, including scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management.
  • Fabrication workshop: This workshop is used for the fabrication and assembly of steel structures, including structural steel frames, platforms, and gangways.
  • Mechanical workshop: This workshop is used for the maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment, such as winch hydraulic motors.

In addition to these key facilities used in the workshop and office, 6Sigma Marine (Pty) Ltd also has access to a range of specialised equipment, such as cranes, lifting gear, and material handling equipment, to facilitate the construction and maintenance of the shipping industry.
The workshop and office at 6Sigma Marine (Pty) Ltd are designed to provide a comprehensive range of services to customers in the shipping industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that its facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, enabling it to deliver high-quality engineering services and solutions to customers.

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