River Lounge

River Lounge is a patented product of 6Sigma Naval Architects. Designers of Ships and Yachts, 6Sigma Naval Architect, Jako Laubscher, developed the design of the “River Lounge” which allows ample deck space up to 40m2. The space allows family members of all ages to enjoy a day or a weekend out on the river or can be used in the bush on the odd occasion. The “River Lounge” intelligently folds up into a fully enclosed unit securing all valuable items and provides a weather tight enclosure for furniture, braai, bar area, sink, coffee and any other desirable item.

The weight and sizes of the unit fits inside the roadworthy regulations of South Africa and can be safely transported anywhere you might want to wander. Smart inside off-road canvas zips turn your Lounge into a floating apartment. Available with different materials for different personalities in all colours. The materials and layout can be custom designed to your needs.

6Sigma Naval Architects is a leading company in South Africa delivering top-of-the-line products with their highly experienced staff. This off-the-shelf design enables lower cost to client and also more reliability in every new model. Engineering is live and optimized if any issues occur. The buyer gets a two year warrantee on the vessel and all repairs will be done within 2 weeks.

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