Upon successful completion of Phase 1 and signing the contract with the shipyard, 6Sigma’s role will be to supervise the build and ensure that the project stays within the budget-and-time constraints. Our activities will include:

  • On-site supervision of the ship building process on behalf of the Ship Owners.
  • Integration and cooperation with the selected classification society and flag state.
  • Continuous Surveying and Reporting.
  • Budget control in respect of the Ship build.
  • Updating project management plan and milestones.
  • Ensuring ship specifications are upheld.
  • Report on equipment guarantees.
  • Report on workmanship or parts are defective and ensure that they are remedied by repair, or replacement, at the Ship Owners’s sole election.
  • Defective workmanship or parts that have led to damage to the ship, the repair and replacement obligations shall extend to the parts of the ship that have been damaged as a consequence of the defect, whether directly or indirectly, and shall be guaranteed at the Ship Builder’s expense;
  • Represent the ship owners and in that capacity, liaise with the ship builder and oversee the ship building process on site at the ship yard by way of regular communication, quality control and onsite daily meetings with the Ship Builder;
  • Weekly reports supported with relevant forms and photos
  • Ensure that the ship builder and any third parties engaged and/or involved in the building of the ship achieve the applicable performance targets in the most cost effective and time efficient manner and perform the obligations in the ship building contract
  • Provide periodic comprehensive reviews and reporting to the ship owners on progress of Phase 2 as and when required by the ship owners.
  • Report all incidents or accidents occurring in relation to the project immediately to the the ship owners.
  • Approval of Shipyard’s subcontractors and ensure that the shipyard assign or delegate in whole or in part any of its obligations or the right to payment in terms of this agreement to sub-contractors or agents, or any third party with written authorisation is granted by the ship owners.
  • Any failure by a sub-contractor or agent to comply with the terms of this agreement as applicable to the shipyard shall be reported
  • 6Sigma will hold the shipyard responsible for the acts and omissions of the sub-contractor or agent as if they were employees and/or personnel of the Project Manager.


  • 6Sigma will facilitate the ship owners on request, to attend at the Shipyards or workspaces, for purposes of inspection of all documents relevant to this agreement and to ensure that the provisions of this agreement are being duly complied with.
  • Undertake to ensure that the ship swners is included in all discussions and meetings relating to the project and keep regular contact with the ship owners in regard thereto; and
  • Be available to meet and update the ship owners on the ship owners’s request regarding progress of the project.
  • Procure the ship owners’s access to the Ship upon request from the ship owners.
  • Handover process prior to termination.
  • 6Sigma shall deliver all documents in its possession relating to this agreement, including but not limited to the ship, its design and the building plans; and
  • 6Sigma shall facilitate the smooth handover of its operational functions pursuant this Agreement to the Ship Owners or any nominee designated by the Ship Owners in writing, in accordance with the Ship owner’s instructions.


  • 6Sigma will ensure for the purposes of the project, each party shall not use or disclose to any person the details of the agreements and all information relating to the business or the operations and affairs of the other parties as will be determined when entering into contract.

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