New Ships

6Sigma has a vast database with all types of ships ready for order and construction. Below list provides and overview of the complete designs we have, which the client can purchase and/or have built by 6Sigma and/or make use of our role as technical advisors & owners representative (read more)

The design portfolio contains project drawings produced by 6Sigma.

The designs vary from Fast landing crafts, Fire-fighting vessels, Offshore Drilling ships, Tug boats and many more.

We are proud to share our design portfolio with you.


TypeLOAAdditional infoCompleted Phase
Barge20.8100 TonProduction ready
Crew Boat (Aluminium)30.0Production ready
Crew Boat (Aluminium)33.0Production ready
Fast Landing Craft20.9Production ready
Ferry Barge/ Barge18.310 TonProduction ready
Ferry Boat12.010 TonProduction ready
Ferry Boat14.27 TonProduction ready
Fire Fighting Vessel14.9Production ready
Fishing - Purse Seiner TrawlerProduction ready
Landing Craft26.0Production ready
Mooring Launch13.0Production ready
Offshore - AHT DP2Production ready
Offshore - Drilling ShipProduction ready
Offshore - OSVProduction ready
Patrol - Coastal Surveillance Vessel24.3Production ready
Patrol - Fast Patrol Vessel35.0Production ready
Patrol - Fast Patrol Vessel42.2Production ready
Patrol - Ultra Fast Attack Vessel24.4Production ready
Pilot Launch17.0Production ready
Sea Going Launch30.0150 PeopleProduction ready
Survey Boat13.5Production ready
Tug Boat30.520 Ton Bollard PullProduction ready
Tug Boat40.0Production ready
Tug Boat32.045 Ton Bollard PullProduction ready
Tug Boat23.410 Ton Bollard PullProduction ready
Tug Boat34.565 Ton Bollard PullProduction ready
Tug Boat34.5Production ready
Tug Boat35.058 Ton Bollard PullProduction ready