Partial and Global structural check of complex ship structure. FEA analysis used by FE method. The analysis can be performed according to DNVGL, LR and ABS rules using modern CAE software.


Crane foundation analysis

Fem analysis of the different types of the onboard and offshore crane foundation. The range of the lifting capacity from 1 up to 250 mT. The analysis covers design and verification as well as structural modification of foundations. The typical analysis covers the linear static calculations with buckling check according to the following Classification Society: LRS, DNVGL, BV, ABS, RMRS and PRS.

crane foundation analysis

Lifting eyes

Lifting eye was designed for transporting large ship sections. The analysis was performed by linear static analysis to get resultant stresses in the lifting eye as well as in the surrounding structure. The analysis gives an overview of safety factors and can define the number and location of the lifting elements.

lifting eyes

Mooring equipment foundation analysis

Strength of the mooring equipment is crucial for every ship. To avoid any dangerous situations, the foundation has to be designed correctly. To design and verify the structure, FE analysis is needed.

mooring equipment

Stability pontoon analysis

External stability pontoon is a structure that helps to stabilize the vessel during loading and unloading of heavy equipment. The analysis checks over the structural integrity against allowable criteria given by the classification society. The project covers FEA analysis as well as buckling check of the braces.

Stability pontoon analysis

Offshore Derrick

Offshore Derrick tower strength verification. Upgrade of the drilling equipment located on the tower makes a higher load acting on the structure. The analysis based on the linear type of analysis and uses a plate and a beam elements

Offshore Derrick

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