Marine Products

6Sigma designs and manufactures the below product in Steel, Stainless Steel and/or Aluminium in Cape Town, South Africa and can deliver anywhere in Africa.

Container Barge (PATENTED) – Our newest exciting addition to our products.

6Sigma’s Container Barge is an innovative way to the get a floating barge anywhere that a truck can go and further.

Principal Dimensions:

Deck space: 12m x 7.8m (93m2)
Deck load: 5 kN/m2
Own Weight: 5 tons
Carrying capacity: 0.594 t/cm immersion
Lightship Draft: 28 cm
Lightship Freeboard: 89.5 cm
Payload to Freeboard of 300mm: 35tons

Helidecks for Offshore supply vessels (Class Approved)

DNV-OS-E401 Helicopter Decks design, manufacture and installation according to the relevant class and / or areas. Constructed in steel or aluminium for any unit or installation intended for offshore use. The landing platform for helicopters or a landing area arranged directly on a weather deck or supported by a substructure anywhere on the unit or installation. Design of complete helicopter deck structures including sub-structure and hull connections and reinforcements.

Offshore / Gas / Man Baskets (Class Approved)

Design and manufacture (once-off or batch-of) of cargo carrying units (CCUs) in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7.2 and EN12079 or ISO10855 certification for offshore containers.

Offshore tanks (Class Approved)

We design and manufacture (once-off or batch-of) DNV 2.7-1 offshore tanks that are available for sale and rental, and are suitable for the storage and transportation of a range of products including chemicals, oils, Jet A-1 fuel and acids. They are suitable for the storage and transportation of a range of products including chemicals, oils, helifuel, acids and cryogenic liquids.

Wharf Ladders and Gangways (Approval as needed)

Marine Grade Aluminium Ladders and Gangways. These items are fixed, loose, folding, extending and/or rotating according to the client requirements.

Spreader Beams (Approval as needed)

Heavy lift spreader beams for general usage or purpose build speader beams.