6Sigma Naval Architects and Offshore Engineering


6Sigma Naval Architects & Offshore Engineering, (an EPC company) based in Port of Cape Town, South Africa provides complete engineering, procurement and construction for end clients and/or Shipyards. We are also in close collaboration with major repair yards and provide complete Ship Design and Modification/ Retrofit Services to Companies and Government. See our Design Portfolio. We provide General and Specialist Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering services and we are partners with leading Software providers in the industry supporting Shipyards in Africa to implement the best software solutions. We also provide specific Training for Engineers to expand their knowledge and grow companies.
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Naval Architecture Services
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Design Services:

6Sigma Naval Architects services include design of steel and aluminium boats, ships & offshore structures.
Complete Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering services include:

Concept and Preliminary Design:
New Vessel for Weight, Propulsion and Cost Estimations
Artist Rendering and Real Life Animations for Concepts
•Ÿ Basic design:
Arrangements, Structure and Prelim Stability Assessment and other for Class Approval.
•Ÿ Detail Design:
New Structures eg. Ship Hull Structure and Super Structures for manufacturing
New Systems eg. Bilge, Fifi, Ballast, Fuel, Cooling etc. to HVAC, Electrical, Navigation for manufacturing
•Ÿ Appendages Designs:
Deck Equipment eg. cranes, davits, LARS systems, docking blocks, rotating equipment, heave compensators for manufacturing
Hull Equipment eg. Rudders, Nozzels, Anode Diagrams etc. for manufacturing
•Ÿ Modifications and Ship Conversions with new Structures and Systems modifications
•Ÿ AS-BUILT drawings for up to date structure, systems, P&ID etc. documentation for Class Control

from Keel Laying to Delivery and Commissioning. Please see the some ships in our Design Portfolio.

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services:

  •    FEA Calculations
  •    Class Structure Software
  •    Stability Analysis
  •    Sea Keeping analysis
  •    Propulsion estimations
  •    Bollard Pull estimations
  •    Engine Propeller Matching
  •    Noise and Vibration analysis

Other engineering services are discussed in the Offshore Engineering Division


Estimations Software:
 • Cost estimations – We provide assistance with Cost Estimations for new ship builds please see our CostFact page.
 • Weight Control – We provide estimations and preliminary stability assessments for crucial early design decisions.
Engineering Software:
 • We use state-of-the-art software recognized in the Marine and Offshore Industry for all our engineering calculations.
Design Software:
 • We use state-of-the-art SSI ShipConstructor Software to maintain a manageable database (SQL database of ShipConstructor) for error free design and lifecycle design support. It is known that new regulations can influence certain vessel type such as new regulations can influence certain vessel type such as new regulations can influence certain vessel type such as new regulations by IMO Water Ballast Treatment regulations. Maintaining the Autodesk based shipmodel integration of equipment from any supplier is effortless and of great addition benefit to the ship owner.